SYRCE Symposium

SYRCE Poster Fall 2018 - click to zoomFall 2018 "The 1960s!"

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM: Set up
11:00 AM: Doors Open to Public 

GMC Weill Hall
1 PM: Doors Close to Public



Symposium Program by Discipline

AMCS 273

  • Black Activism Through Artistic Expression (Art Display, Western Gallery)
  • Sexual Revolution of the 1960s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Lack of Diversity in 1960s TV and Movies (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Revolucionista: Dolores Huerta (PowerPoint Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • African American Female Artists of the 1960s (Painting, Western Gallery)
  • 1960s Ethnic Studies Movement in Education (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Popular Ads VS Reality of Civil Rights movements (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Muhammed Ali’s Impact during the 1960s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Black Feminist Art in the 1960s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Black Hair Movement in the 1960s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Music of the Movement (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Athletes of the Civil Rights Movement (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Iran’s Regression: Women’s Rights Movement (Video, Western Gallery)
  • Jimi Hendrix (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • School Integration and Government Resistance in the 1960s (Podcast, Western Gallery)
  • Back Theatrical revolution of the 1960s (Video, Western Gallery)
  • Malcolm X and MLK (Poster Session, Western Gallery)

ARTH 273

  • And That's the Way it Isn't: Counter-Discourses of the 1960s (Exhibition, Eastern Gallery)

CALS 273

  • Photojournalism, Art and Social Activism As a Voice for the Chicano Movement (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Dolores Huerta: A Chicana’s Influence (Newpaper, Western Gallery)
  • I am El Movimiento”: How Chicano individuals in the 1960’s had to take initiative into their own hands to make a change(Paintings, Western Gallery)
  • Fashion of El Movimiento: Today’s Reaction to 60’s Fashion (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Immigration in the 1960’s: Impact and Influences (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO) (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Remembering Iconic Women in the 60’s and the Intersectionality They Faced (Altar, Western Gallery)
  • El Movimiento (Paintings, Western Gallery)
  • Chicano Poetry: The Silenced Mexican American Voices That Eventually Came Out from the Shadows (Poetry Recital, Weill Stage)
  • Underground Media in the 60s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • The Living Conditions of Farmworkers of the 1960s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)

COMS 273

  • Black Friday and Berkeley Protests  (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Women of Horror (Podcast, Western Gallery)
  • 1960s Media and Feminism (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Black Women’s Representation in 1960s Film Protests  (Website, Western Gallery)
  • Jimi Hendrix as 1960s icon (Video, Western Gallery)
  • Bayard Rustin the Pioneer Protests (Prezi Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Psycho Analysis (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Black Hair in the 1960s (Prezi Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Middle Class Opinions of the Counterculture (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • SDS in the Anti-War Movement (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Family Life and Sexism in the 1960s (Podcast, Western Gallery)
  • 1960s Political Attitudes of White Americans (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Women’s Representations in 1960s Film (Video, Green Room)
  • Auto Industry in the 1960s (Online Display, Western Gallery)
  • Iconic Fashion in the 1960s Movies (Prezi Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Fashion Icons and Fashion Trends of the 1960s (Prezi Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Filipino Migrant Workers of the 1960s (Video, Western Gallery)
  • The Equality Tree (Poster Session, Western Gallery)

ENGL 273

  • The 1960s Counterculture Movement (Timeline, Lobby)
  • The Evolution of Music Festivals in the1960s  (Timeline, Lobby)
  • Psychedelics and the Anti-War (iMovie, Lobby)
  • The Grateful Dead (Timeline, Lobby)
  • Road Trips Revisiting the Culture and Politics of the 1960s (iMovie, Lobby)
  • Road Trips Focusing on 1960s Art and Music (Video, Lobby)
  • The Blossoms of the 1960s: Original and 1960s-Inspired Poetry (Object, Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Exploration of 1960s Music (iMovie, Lobby)
  • A Chorus of 1960s Voices on Violence and Pacifism (Performance, Weill Stage)
  • Intermingling of 1960s Music and Art (Timeline, Lobby)
  • Recreation of Andy Warhol Art & Exhibition Catalog (Objects, Lobby)
  • The Life of Eldridge Cleaver: An Original Video (Video, Lobby)
  • Postmodern Dance (Timeline, Lobby)
  • Underground & Mainstream Newspapers of the 1960s (Piktochart Presentation & Infographic, Lobby)
  • The Red, White and Blues: From the Original Blues Artists to the British Invasion  (Video, Lobby)
  • Fashion Through the Decades: 1960s to Present (Timeline, Lobby)
  • Women’s Everyday Fashion of the 1960s (Timeline, Lobby)
  • Non-White Feminist Leaders of the 1960s (Timeline, Lobby)
  • The Impact of Race on Sports in the 1960s (Timeline, Lobby)

MLL 273

  • Lebanon in the Sixties: The Novel Emerges (Scrapbook and PowerPoint Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Umm Kulthum Vs. Fairouz: National Icons of Egypt and Lebanon (Website, Western Gallery)
  • Middle Eastern Feminist Times: A Newspaper Presentation (Newspaper & Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Women’s Rights Under the Leadership of the Shah (PowerPoint Presentation & Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Iranian Revolution (PowerPoint Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Women’s Health in Egypt (PowerPoint & Paper Session, Green Room)

MUS 273

  • Periodic Table of 1960s Music (Website, Lobby)
  • I Can’t Help Falling in Love (Video, Lobby)
  • A Record of Peace (Painting, Lobby)
  • Updated Phonograph (Scupture, Lobby)
  • House of Music (Poster Illustration, Lobby)
  • A Trip Through the 1960s (Painting, Lobby)
  • Lyrical Legs (Painted Blue Jeans, Lobby)
  • Inside the Mind of Hendrix (Painting, Lobby)
  • Guitar of the 1960s (Visual Art, Lobby)
  • 60s Dances (Video, Lobby)
  • Water Walk 2.0 (Percussion & Guitar Performance, Weill Stage)
  • Forever Young (Mobil, Lobby)
  • Hello Goodbye (Song Performance, Weill Stage)

NAMS 273

  • Native Visions of the 1960s (Exhibition, Western Gallery)

PHIL 273

  • Reflecting our Reflections (Poster Session, Lobby)
  • The Sonoma State Spiral: Alternative Publications and Censorship (Magazine, Lobby)
  • Conformity at Its Finest (Collage Sculptures, Lobby)
  • Open Your Third Eye (Installation, Lobby)
  • Perfection at Its Finest (Film, Lobby)
  • Mod Machine Beauty and Fashion (Makeover Booth Installation, Lobby)
  • Hippie Journey Game (Board Game, Lobby)
  • Immerse Yourself in the Art of Tarab (Installation, Lobby)
  • The Four Facades of the 1960s (Installation, Lobby)
  • Bring Back the Change You Want to See in the World (Film, Green Room)
  • The Door of Perception (Installation, Lobby)
  • Trippy Hippies (Painting, Lobby)
  • Kerouac-Inspired Scroll (Scroll, Lobby)
  • The 4 Horsemen of the Artpocalypse(Paintings, Lobby)

THAR 273

  • Power to the People and Flowers (Dance Performance, Weill Stage)