Spring 2017 SYRCE Archive

SYRCE Poster Spring 2017 - click to zoomSpring 2017 "The '70s!"

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Set up
11:00 AM: Doors Open to Public 

GMC Weill Hall
1 PM: Doors Close to Public





Symposium Program by Discipline

AMCS 273.1

  • A Twist of Tate (PowerPoint, Lobby)
  • All I’m Asking for is a Little Representation (Video, Lobby)
  • All My Life I Had to Fight (Poster, Lobby)
  • All We Need is Love (Original Poster & Painting, Lobby)
  • Bite the Apple (Power Point/Movie, Lobby)
  • Drug Abuse in the 1970’s (PowerPoint, Lobby)
  • Feminism in the 1970’s (Poster, Lobby)
  • Hip-hop Movement from 1970’s to Now (Video, Lobby)
  • Imagine (Dance Performance, Weill Hall)
  • LGBT Civil Rights Movement (Poster, Lobby)
  • Messages through 1970’s Songs/Music (Video, Lobby)
  • Minorities in Mainstream Feminism (Poster, Lobby)
  • Origins of Chaos (Video, Lobby)
  • The Right to Choose (Painting, Lobby)
  • Title IX (Poster, Lobby)
  • To Love or to Kill (Poster, Lobby)
  • What’s Going On? (Audio, Lobby)
  • Writings on the Wall: A Criminal Act Turned into Beauty (Interactive PowerPoint, Lobby)

AMCS 273.2

  • 1970’s Visions of Native America (Group Poster Sessions, Gallery)

ARTH 273

  • Say You Want a Revolution! 70s Countercultural Expressions (Exhibition, Eastern Gallery)

CALS 273

  • Various Projects by CALS 273 Students (Gallery & Lobby)

COMS 273

  • 1970’s Dance Styles (Video, Green Room)
  • Actresses in the 1970’s (Interactive Video, Green Room)
  • Deep Throat: The Man Who Brought Down a Presidency (Poster, Gallery)
  • Earth Day: The Creation of a Movement (Poster, Gallery)
  • Feminism in TV Sitcoms in the 1970’s (Poster, Gallery)
  • Hair and Make-up in the 1970’s: A Tutorial (Video, Weill Hall)
  • Harvey Milk: A Life (Documentary, Weill Hall)
  • Music in the 1970’s that Influenced Hip-hop (Video, Gallery)
  • Punk Rock Shocks America (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  • Smoking in the 1970’s (Poster, Gallery)
  • Social and Economic Disparities Between White and Black Women in the 1970’s (Board Game, Lobby)
  • The Evolution of Basketball Shoes (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Gender Wage Gap (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Life of Katherine Graham (Documentary, Green Room)
  • The Political and Cultural Divide Over the Vietnam War (Video, Gallery)
  • Women’s Fashion in the 1970’s (Poster, Gallery)

ENGL 273

  • Gay Rights Movement of the 1970’s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Green Movement (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • New Hollywood Directors of the 1970’s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Social Influences on 1970’s Music (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Dark Side of the Moon (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Foundations of Oppression: Civil Rights Development in the 1970’s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Life of Harvey Milk (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Power of Music (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Vietnam and Beyond (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • What Happened at Alcatraz (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Women’s Struggles of the 70’s: A Fight for Equality (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • “Won’t Let My Freedom Rot in Hell”: The New Musical Resistance (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Worldwide Women’s Struggles (Digital Humanities, Lobby)

MLL 273

  • Beirut: The Green Line (Art & Poster, Gallery)
  • Changing Roles of Egyptian Women 1970s (Viewfinder, Gallery)
  • Experiences of the1979 Iranian Revolution (Collage, Gallery)
  • Fashion Before and After the 1970s (Art & Posters, Gallery)
  • Iran’s Political Agenda of the New Regime (Paper Session, Gallery)
  • Iranian Women Before and After the 1970s Revolution (Poster, Gallery)
  • Palestinian and Lebanese Women in Entertainment (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  • The Streets of Iran (Art, Lobby)
  • Type of 1970s Activist (Interactive PowerPoint, Gallery)
  • Women Before and After the Islamic Revolution (Collage & Posters, Gallery)
  • Women’s Rights in Egypt (Poster, Galley)

MUS 273

  • 1970s Dancing Babies (Video, Gallery)
  • A Modern Touch on the 70s Beats (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  • Blast from the Past (Flash Mob, Weill Hall)
  • Evolution of Reggae (Paper Session, Green Room)
  • Flipside Magazine (Fashion Magazine, Gallery)
  • Musical Pop Art (Poster, Gallery)
  • Remembering the ’70s (Piano, Weill Hall)
  • Rockin and Rollin through the 70s (Audio & Posters, Gallery)
  • The Crawl of the Seventies (Video, Gallery)
  • The Sound of Nature (Book & Posters, Gallery)
  • What’s Going on with the Love (Video, Gallery)
  • What You Won’t Do for Love - Remix (PowerPoint, Gallery)

PHIL 273

  • 70s Slang and Identity (Canvas, Staircase)
  • AC/DC: The Best of Two Singers and the Start of a New Rock Era (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  • Freedom is Still under the Covers (Art Piece, Staircase)
  • Fun with Drugs (Art Piece, Staircase)
  • Houston We Have a Problem (Poster, Gallery)
  • Music and Tech: DJing through the Ages (PowerPoint & Performance, Green Room)
  • Original Gate (Poster, Gallery)
  • Preserve and Conserve (Street Theater, Lobby)
  • Shaggy Carpets and Wood Paneling (Miniature Model, Galley)
  • Spiraling into the 70s (Poster, Gallery)
  • Sports, Drugs and Music: 1970s (Board Game, Lobby)
  • Sports Legacies of the1970s: A 30 for 30 Film (Documentary, Gallery)
  • Stories under the Shadow (Book, Gallery)
  • The Christian Right’s Train of Thought (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Golden Age of Muscle Cars (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Never-Ending Controversy (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Watergate Scandal (Poster, Gallery)
  • Transgender Voices in the 1970s (Poster, Gallery)

THAR 273

  • Dancing through the Seventies (Performance, Weill Hall)