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May 17, 2016

9:30-10:30 AM: Set up
10:30 AM: Green Music Center Doors Open to Public
1-2 PM: Doors Remain Open to Public
2 PM: Doors close to public




Symposium Program by Discipline

AMCS 273.1

  • Black Women in the Media (Blog)
  • Brown vs. Board of Education (Drawing)
  • Brown vs. Board of Education (Scrapbook; PowerPoint; Poster Sessions)
  • Chicana Women (Poster Session)
  • Economic Aspects of the Black Freedom Struggle (Poster Session)
  • Economic Aspects of the Civil Rights Movement (Poster Session)
  • Fannie Lou Hamer (PowerPoint)
  • Feminism and 1960s Media (Scrapbook)
  • Feminism in the 1960s (Video)
  • Historical Memory of Martin Luther King (Poster)
  • How Music Motivated Change in the 1960s (Poster Session)
  • Influence of Athletes during the 1960s (Poster Session)
  • Influence of Media in 1960s Social Movement (PowerPoint)
  • Influence of Media in the Civil Rights Movement (Video)
  • Influence of Music during the Civil Rights Movement (Poster Session)
  • Representation of Women in the Media (Poster Session)
  • Self-Defense in the Nonviolent Civil Rights Movement (Poster Session)
  • Sports in the Civil Rights Era (Poster Session)
  • Student Activism during the Civil Rights Era (Poster Session)
  • Women in the Workforce (Scrapbook)

AMCS 273.2

  • Visions of Native America: The 1960’s (Group Poster Sessions)

ARTH 273

  • Sixties-Nineties: Views of the 60’s by Kids of the 90’s (Exhibition)

CALS 273

  • Ballet Folklorico (Dance)
  • Change: Schools Then and Now (Photo Mural)
  • Chicano Mural (Installation)
  • Posters and Social Change (Exhibition)
  • The East Los Angeles Walkouts (Video)

COMS 273

  • #thehappiestsoundinalltheworld (Digital Humanities)
  • A Day in the Life (Magazine)
  • A Take on Minimalism in the 1960s (Canvas/Digital Humanities)
  • Aftermath: How Revolutionary were the 1960s? (Paper Session)
  • Corazon Azteca (Magazine)
  • Dig It: Toys of the 1960s (Exhibition)
  • Happiest Place on Earth Loses Touch with Reality? (Poster Session)
  • Life as a Women Throughout the 1960s (Magazine)
  • Lixiviation (Podcast)
  • Not All Heroes Wear Caps (Canvases)
  • Now That’s What I Call Music, 1960-1969 (Podcast)
  • Psychedelics and Psychedelia (Blog)
  • Red (Canvases)
  • Remembering the 1960s (Magazine)
  • Sights and Sounds of Woodstock (PowerPoint)
  • Super Bowl Media: 1960s & Today (Paper Session)
  • The Bay Area in the 1960s (Digital Humanities)
  • The New Hollywood (Collage & Paper Session)
  • The World Can Be Changed By Anything (Poster Session)
  • Threads in the Sixties (Flipbook)
  • To Be a Damsel in Distress (Canvases)

ENGL 273

  • 1960s Counterculture Music (Video)
  • A Comparison of Civil Rights-themed films of 1960s with Those of Today (Website)
  • Development and Influence of the LGBT Movement in the 1960s (Digital Timeline)
  • Gentrification in San Francisco: The 1960s and Today (Infographic and Poster Session)
  • How 1960s Music Gave Voice to the Era’s Struggles (Video)
  • Major Factors Leading to Integration of Fraternities: 1960s to Today (Digital Timeline)
  • Scientific Advancements in the 1960s (Digital Timeline)
  • Short story: A Soldier in Vietnam (Short Story/Digital Humanities)
  • The Free Speech Movement: Mario Savio and his Legacy (Video)
  • The Evolution of Popular Music in the Sixties (Video)
  • The Influence of Existentialism on James Baldwin and Jack Kerouac (Website)
  • The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Island, 1969-1971 (Digital Timeline)
  • The Pressure on Minorities to Assimilate to White Culture (Art & Video)
  • United Farmworkers Flag Project (Art)
  • Women’s Voices of the 1960s (Video)

MLL 273

  • A Shot in the Arm (Novel)
  • Agriculture Under the Dictatorship of Franco (Journal)
  • Comparison of Two Transatlantic Structures (Exhibitions)
  • Dictator Obituaries (Poster Session)
  • Fashion in Spain: 1940 to 1960s (Lookbook)
  • Fashion Trends in Spain (PowerPoint & Paper Session)
  • François Duvalier: Propaganda VS Reality (Paper & Poster Session)
  • Immaculada Concepcion Yearbook (Yearbook)
  • Journey Crossings (Paper & Poster Session)
  • La Cordoniz Remastered (Magazine)
  • La Mujer Moderna (Magazine)
  • More Than a Game (Paper Session)
  • The Role of the Catholic Church in the Dominican Republic and Spain (Paper Session)
  • The Three Butterflies that Shook the Trujillo Regime (Paper & Poster Session)

MUS 273

  • 1960s Musical Protest (Poster Session with audio)
  • 1960s Workout Music (Paper Session)
  • 60s Mashed: Through the Ages (Music Video)
  • 60s Radio Reality Recap (Podcast)
  • All Lives Matter (Poster Session with A/V display)
  • Before Woodstock (Audio)
  • Children’s Television: Controversial Topics (Podcast)
  • Chittlin’ Circuits (Food Tasting)
  • DJ-ing: Late 60s to Now (Video with diorama)
  • Fashion at the Monterey Pop Festival (Blog)
  • First-hand Experience (Video)
  • Freedom Music on the Positive Side (Poster Session with audio)
  • How to Synchronize Swim (Video)
  • Janis Joplin: Rock & Roll (Diorama)
  • Nature’s Voice (Music Video)
  • Rock Music in Commercial Advertising (Poster Session with audio)
  • Santana’s Coming Out Party (Visual Art)
  • Woodstock and Modern-day Festivals (Poster Session)
  • World Must Change (Music Video & Presentation)

PHIL 273

  • 1960’s Drug Culture (PowerPoint)
  • 1960’s Music Drug Culture (Video)
  • 1968! (Collage)
  • “Boob Tube”: T.V. in the 60s (Collage)
  • Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee (Collage)
  • Hip-Hip Hooray for The Hippies (Children’s Book)
  • Martin Luther King: 17 Minutes (Creative visual & audio)
  • Media and the 1960s (Poster Session)
  • Psychedelic! (Canvas with music)
  • The Space Race (PowerPoint)
  • The Vietnam War (Newspaper)
  • Then and Now: Civil Rights & Black Live Matter (Video)
  • Women’s Rights: 1960s (Collage)

THAR 273

  • Fashion, Things ‘n’ War (Performance)