Spring 2015 SYRCE Archive

SYRCE Poster Spring 2015 - click to zoomMAY 12, 2015

10-11 AM: Set up
10:30 AM: Green Music Center Doors Open to Public
1-2 PM: Doors Remain Open to Public
2 PM: Doors close to public



Example Projects

Symposium Program by Discipline

AMCS 273.1

  • Chinese Immigrants in the 19th Century
  • Anti-Chinese Immigration Laws (Collage, Gallery)
  • Anti-Chinese Sentiment (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Chinatowns (Website, Gallery)
  • Chinese American Food (Website, Gallery)
  • Chinese Female Immigrants (Painting, Lobby)
  • Chinese Immigration Board Game (Board Game, Gallery)
  • Chinese Immigrants in Hawaii (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Chinese Immigrant Labor (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Chinese Laborers (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Chinese Migrants on the Railroads (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Chinese Miners (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • The Eastward Movement of Chinese Cuisine (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Empathy: Denied (Collage, Lobby)
  • Model of a Chinese Dragon (Board Game, Gallery)
  • Model of a Hawaiian Sugar Plantation (Board Game, Gallery)
  • San Francisco's Chinatown (Website, Gallery)
  • Scenes of Chinatown (Painting, Lobby)
  • Traveling as a Chinese Migrant (Scrapbook, Gallery)
  • Welcome to Angel Island (Painting, Lobby)

AMCS 273.2

  • Meeting Human Needs: The Challenges of Western Civilization 1848 (Poster Sessions, Gallery)

ART 273

  • Dreaming in Thoreau (Installtion, Lobby)
  • Historic Recreations (Exhibition, Gallery)
  • Printing Propaganda (Exhibition, Gallery)
  • Slavery is... (Advertisement Giveaway, Gallery)

CALS 273

  • The Bracero Program and its Treatment of its Workers (Installation, Lobby)
  • Operation Gatekeeper (Mock Newspaper, Gallery)
  • Latino Drop Outs (Video, Gallery)

COMS 273

  • Advancing the War Through Invention (Blog, Gallery)
  • Arthur Jones: The Life of a Newspaper Boy (Facebook Blog, Gallery)
  • The Buried Bones of the Goldrush: A San Franciscan Fairytale (Blog, Green Room)
  • Bustles to #Bootywerk: Comparing the Hassles of 1840's Beauty Ideals to the High Standards Women Work towards Today (Twitter Blog, Green Room)
  • Children of 1848: A Working Mind Isn't Always a Learning Mind (Facebook Blog, Green Room)
  • The Evolution of Communication: From National Alienation to a Connected Nation (Blog, Gallery)
  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Crime and Punishment in the 19th Century (Online Newspaper, Gallery)
  • Hellen Keller: Communication Through SIgn Language (Tumblr Blog, Gallery)
  • Food for Thought (Blog, Gallery)
  • From Jefferson to Obama: The Evolution of Political Campaigns (Scrapbook, Gallery)
  • Immerican Dream: Biased Media Coverage of 19th Century Immigration (Blog, Gallery)
  • A Little Bit of Passion, Determination and Insanity: Insane Asylums and Reporters in the 1800s (Blog, Gallery)
  • Seneca Falls to #YesAllWomen: Gurl Power (Twitter Blog, Green Room)
  • The Whitechapel Murderer: Media Sensationalism and the Public Obsession of Jack the Ripper (Tumblr Blog, Gallery)

ENGL 273

  • The Bear Flag Revolt (Multimedia Project, Lobby)
  • The Change in Dresses: Women's Fashion in Victorian England (Video, Lobby)
  • A Child's Thoughts in the 1840s (Poem, Lobby)
  • Dark Times (Poem, Lobby)
  • Dicken's Illustrators and Engravers (Research Project, Lobby)
  • Exploration of 1848 (Website, Lobby)
  • Fields of Innocence (Video, Lobby)
  • French Revolutions 1789-1848 (Website, Lobby)
  • George Sand (Scrapbook, Lobby)
  • The Gold Crimes (Website, Lobby)
  • Influential Women of the 1840s (Video, Lobby)
  • Modern Day Dialogue between Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist (Podcast, Lobby)
  • Native American Jewelry (Research Project & Material Display, Lobby)
  • The River (Video, Lobby)
  • A Tale of the Hear: Nineteenth-Century American Women (Short Story, Lobby)
  • "Oh, The Perfect Darling!" The Silenced Voice of a 1840s Young Lady (Dramatic Performance, Stage)
  • Victorian Children and Poverty (Video, Lobby)
  • Women Resolve (Multimedia Project, Lobby)

MLL 273

  • Architecture of the Incas: Inspired by Juana Manuela Gorriti (Blue Print w/ Poster Board, Gallery)
  • Free more than your mind: Mexican women in & around 1848 (PowerPoint, Gallery)
  • Innocent Love (Short Story, Green Room)
  • Nineteenth Century Cuba: clothing from the Plantations (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • Sab: A Sob Story (MP3 Recording, Green Room)
  • Slavery in your Hands (Painting, Gallery)
  • Then and Now: Global Slavery around 1848. Has it really been abolished? (Video, Green Room)
  • Wagner, Hitler, and the music that inspired their madness (PowerPoint, Green Room)

PHIL 273

  • A Mosaic for Marx (Installation, Lobby)


  • Carmen (Painting, Staircase)
  • Electronic Chopin (Song, Gallery)
  • The Feel of the Music (Video, Green Room)
  • The Life of Franz Lintz (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • North America Cuisine 1848 (Poster Session, Gallery)
  • One Script, Three Takes (Play, Stage)
  • Phantoms of Romanticism (Painting, Staircase)
  • Revolutionizing Music (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  • Texts for Today, Letters Forever: The Art of Letter Writing (Scrapbook, Staircase)
  • Women in 1848 around the World (Poster Session, Gallery)