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SYRCE Poster Fall 2017 - click to zoomFall 2017 "The 1930s!"

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Set up
11:00 AM: Doors Open to Public 
GMC Weill Hall
1 PM: Doors Close to Public



Symposium Program by Discipline


  • 1930s: Literature and Race Relations in America (Video & Collage, Western Gallery)
  • African American Identity through Cultural Expression from Slavery to 1930s (Video & Collage, Western Gallery)
  • Indian Organization Act: A Blessing or a Curse?(Collage, Western Gallery)
  • Propaganda: A Nation’s Best Weapon (Collage, Western Gallery)
  • Propaganda in the 1930s(Video, Western Gallery)
  • The Diversity of Dance in the 1930s (Video & Collage, Western Gallery)
  • Two Spirit People ((Painting, Western Gallery)
  • World Music in the 1930s (Video, Western Gallery)


  • Not Your Grandma’s 30s (Art Exhibit, Eastern Gallery)


  • Are We Remaking History in the Trump Era (Artistic Construction, Western Gallery)
  • Latinas in Hollywood(Collage, Western Gallery)
  • Latino Resistance in the 1930s(Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Less Deportation and More Education(Performance Installation, Lobby)
  • Mexican American Deportation in the 1930s vs. Present Day U.S. Immigration(Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Mexican Repatriation of the 1930s from the Adolescent Prospective(Performance, Weill Stage)
  • The 30s Through Josefina Niggli: A Trailblazer for Chicana/o Writers and Scholars (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • The Depression That Inflicted Pain (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • The Great Crash of the Immigrants During the Great Depression (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • The Great Depression Through the Eyes of Latinos (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • The Mexican Repatriation: The Motives& Racial Inequality in the 1930s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Xenophobia Against Latinos in the United States: The 1930s vs. the 2010s (Poster, Western Gallery)


  • 1930s Ads vs 2000s Ads (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • 1930s Jazz Culture
  • 1930s Jazz Culture (Website/Music Video, Western Gallery)
  • 1930s Lifestyle (Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • 1930s Speakeasy (Drawing, Western Gallery)
  • American Love and the Boundary of Race: A Short Story (Short Story, Western Gallery)
  • American Radio: Ep 1, The 1930s (Radio Program, Green Room)
  • Best Female Vocalist of the 1930s (Poster & Video, Western Gallery)
  • Escape into Photography of the 1930s (Collage, Western Gallery)
  • Gender Roles of the 1930s (Posters, Western Gallery)
  • Jazz Poetry (Poster & Video, Western Gallery)
  • Joseph Thom on Ireland in the 1930s (Performance, Green Room)
  • Knightly News (Newspaper, Western Gallery)
  • Latino Culture, History and Pride (Painting, Western Gallery)
  • Nazi Propaganda and the Power of Manipulation (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Old Fashioned or Basic? (Video, Western Gallery)
  • Popular Culture and Nightlife Influences of the 30s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Sexism in 1930s Media: A Women’s Role (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Sports: An Escape from Reality in the 1930s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Superman During the 30s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • The Time Traveling Kat (Video, Green Room)
  • The Year 1930: Beginning of Economic Collapse (Website, Western Gallery)
  • Thumbs Up! (Poster, Western Gallery)


  • 1930S Culture through Photography (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • American Photography of the 1930s: Human Employment (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Baseball: Another Day in Paradise (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Escapism through Film of the 1930s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Exploring Nazi Propaganda through “Triumph of the Will”
  • Instructional Manuals for Seizing Power: Dictatorship for Dummies and Insurgency for Idiots (Book, Lobby)
  • Mexican Immigration Then and Now: History Repeats Itself (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Prominent Women of the 1930s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Deeper Meanings Behind the Songs of Cabaret (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Life of Hidlegart Rodriguez (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Rhythm and Sound of Harlem (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • The Rock: A Brief History (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • U.S. Gender Roles of the 1930s (Book, Lobby)
  • We’re Here to Stay: Latinos in the 1930s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • White Supremacists: The 1930s and Today (Digital Humanities, Lobby)


  • Carmen Conde: A Poet’s Experience During the Spanish Civil War (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Guernica (Photo Album, Western Gallery)
  • Guernica Soundtrack (Poster, Western Gallery)
  • Our Lives in Guernica (Digital Display, Western Gallery)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth and Red Virgin (Presentation, Green Room)
  • Path to Safety (Board game, Western Gallery)
  • Spain in the 1930s (Digital Display, Western Gallery)
  • The Cinematic Wardrobe of Flamenco Dancer Carmen Amaya (Art Pieces, Staircase)
  • The Ruins of the Errotabarri (Replica, Western Gallery)
  • The Struggles of the Basque (Book, Western Gallery)
  • Troubling Times of 1930s Spain (Photo Album, Western Gallery)
  • Turn the Tunes to 1930s Spain (Audio Display, Western Gallery)
  • Vision of the Marketplace (Art Piece, Western Gallery)
  • The Story of the Forgotten (Digital Display, Western Gallery)
  • Day in the Life of 1930s Spain (Yearbook, Western Gallery)


  • Behind the Music (Poster, Lobby)
  • Carter Family Legacy Lives on Through Today’s Music (Video, Lobby)
  • Cooking with Tunes (Video, Lobby)
  • Dance in the 1930s (Video, Lobby)
  • Little Miss Miracle (Children’s Book, Lobby)
  • Messing with Music (Performance, Weill Stage)
  • Music Genres in the U.S. in the 1930s (Website,)
  • Music is EnLIGHTening (Sculpture, Western Gallery)
  • Music’s Effect on Film (Power Point/Video Presentation, Green Room)
  • Seventeen (Artwork & Audio, Western Gallery)
  • Shadow of Expression (Sculpture, Lobby)
  • Speaking of Pictures: Groovin’ and Movin’ Through the 1930s (Photographic Spread, Lobby)
  • Spirit of the Radio (Replica, Western Gallery)
  • Strange Music (Poster, Lobby)
  • The Surrealism of the Jitterbug (Painting, Lobby)
  • Willkommen to the Symposium (Performance, Weill Stage)


  • Native American Visions of the 1930s (Poster Installation, Western Gallery)


  • Explorations into 1930s Masculinity (Interactive Installation, Lobby)
  • Feminists Philosophers in the 1930s: Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein (Installation, Lobby)
  • Modern Art Movements of the 1930s: Why Does Art Come from Pain? (Video Essay, Lobby)
  • Nazi Degenerate Art & Propaganda (Interactive Installation, Lobby)
  • Peru and Fascism in the 1930s (Installation, Lobby)
  • Politics and Philosophy in the 1930s (Audacity Presentation, Lobby)
  • Tattoos of the 1930s (Video, Lobby)
  • The Aesthetics of Fascism in Nazi Germany (Podcast, Lobby)
  • The Ontology of Fascism and Its Power (Podcast, Lobby)
  • The Power of Propaganda (Video, Lobby)
  • The Symbiotic Relationship of Feminism and Fascism (Podcast, Lobby)
  • Uniforms as Pieces of Propaganda (Video, Lobby)
  • What Enabled the Rise of Nazi Germany? A Philosophical Exploration (Interactive Installation, Lobby)
  • Women in A Nazi Society (Movie Trailer, Lobby)


  • Dancing Through the 1930s (Performance, Weill Hall)