Fall 2016 SYRCE Archive

SYRCE Poster Spring 2018 - click to zoomFall 2016 "The '70s!"

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

10:00-11:00 AM: Set up
11:00 AM: Green Music Center Doors Open to Public
1 PM: Doors Close to Public


Syposium Program by Discipline

AMCS 273.1

  • An Era of Hope (Canvas Collage)
  • Disability and the Law (Podcast)
  • Eyes & Mind Through Their Times (Wooden Art Piece)
  • Feeling Groovy? (Poster)
  • Guess the Era (Canvases)
  • “I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing” (Paper Maché)
  • Movimiento Hippie (Poster)
  • One Step Closer (Video)
  • Spread the Love (Painting)
  • The Golden Age of Pesticides (Poster)
  • The Impact of Drugs on Non-White Cultures in the 70s (Poster & PowerPoint)
  • The Joys of Cooking (Cookbook)
  • The Vineyards (Poster)
  • True Face of Feminism (Poster & Collage)
  • United for the Cause/Unidos Para La Causa (Collage)
  • We the People (Digital Humanities)
  • “Why are there no great Female Artists” (Digital Humanities)
  • Women’s Fight for Equality (Poster)

AMCS 273.2

  • Native Visions for America (Group Poster Sessions)

ARTH 273

  • Can you dig it? A mash-up of the 70s (Exhibition)

CALS 273

  • Art of the California Chicano Movement: San Diego, L.A., San Francisco (Poster & PowerPoint)
  • Bilingualism from the 70s to the Present (Poster)
  • Cesar Chavez in the 1970s (Poster)
  • Chicanos and the Criminal Justice System (Poster)
  • Dolores Huerta and the Farmworker Movement (Poster)
  • East Los Angeles School Walkouts (Poster)
  • Hispanic Activism (Poster)
  • Triburico Vasquez’s History (Poster)

COMS 273

  • A Decade to Remember: The 1970s (Journal)
  • Barbara Walters: Groundbreaking Journalist (Newspaper & Research Paper)
  • Fashion Affects (Photography & Research Paper)
  • His to Hers (Podcast)
  • How ‘70s TV Shows Influenced Today’s Television Landscape (Poster)
  • Love is Love (Poster & Journal)
  • Newsleak (Magazine)
  • Peace and Riot (Magazine)
  • Police Force in the 1970s and Today (Podcast)
  • Shattered (Short Film)
  • Silhouette of the ‘70s (Collage & Journal)
  • The Power of the Female Voice in the 1970s (Magazine)
  • The Rainbow Read (Newspaper)
  • The Things They Buried (Painting)

ENGL 273

  • 1970s Gay Liberation Movement (Digital Humanities)
  • A Look at the Politics of the Future: An Interactive Short Story (Web)
  • Behind The Lens: Breaking Social Boundaries in the 1970s (Digital Humanities)
  • Gay San Francisco: 1970s and Now (Photography & Web)
  • Female Comedians of the Seventies (Digital Humanities)
  • Feminist Ideals: 1970s and Today (Digital Humanities)
  • Foods that Struck the 1970s (Digital Humanities)
  • Influential Science Fiction Novels of the1970s (Digital Humanities)
  • Judy Chicago’s Art through the Seventies (Digital Humanities)
  • Rock and Punk Bands of the Seventies (Digital Humanities)
  • Seventies Rock (Digital Humanities)
  • The Never-Ending Fight: Gay Rights, Black Panther Party, and Women (Digital Humanities)
  • The Rise of Pagan Religions in the Seventies (Digital Humanities)
  • The Seventies: Postmodernism in Sound (Audio)
  • The Social Impact of Folk Music in the Seventies (Digital Humanities)

MLL 273

  • 14 Nightmares Before Christmas (Diary)
  • 1970s Literature and Arts in Lebanon (Poster)
  • Artistic and Literary Feminism in the 1970s (Scrapbook & Poster)
  • Effects of The Iranian Revolution on Mothers and Their Children (PowerPoint)
  • Fairouz and the Effects of Her Music on Lebanon (Video)
  • Feminism in the US and Lebanon (Video)
  • Iranian Revolution and its Representation in American Media (PowerPoint)
  • Iranian Women: 1979 and Beyond (Digital Comic Book)
  • Is the Hijab (veil) a Symbol of Oppression? (PowerPoint)
  • Mind of the Women (Painting)
  • Photography and Tourism in Lebanon and Tunisia in the 1970s (Tapestry)
  • The Evolution of Women’s Poetry in Revolutionary Iran (Poem)
  • The Iranian Revolution and its Effects on Women and Children (Research Paper)
  • The Presidents Who Took Away Women’s Rights (Poster)
  • The Wings (Installation)
  • To Veil or Not to Veil (Art Book)
  • Women Protest Arts from the 1979 Iranian Revolution (Banner)

MUS 273

  • 70s Funk and Fashion (Art & Magazine)
  • After Dark with David and Laurie (Sculpture with Audio)
  • Baseball, Booze, and Bad Ideas (Website)
  • Disco to EDM (Audio Remix)
  • Drugs and Music in the 70s (Audio)
  • Drugs and the Creative Process (Art & Research Paper)
  • Fresh Funk (Dance)
  • Influential People (Book)
  • Music Festivals (Video & Slideshow)
  • My Grandfather (Multimedia)
  • That 70s Radio (Radio Show)
  • The 70s and Beyond (Multimedia)
  • The Divine Symphony (Story)
  • The Truth (Pollution) (Audio – Original Song)
  • What’s Going On? (Audio Remix)
  • Who is Carlos Santana? (Book)

PHIL 273

  • 70s Funk Music: All that is Good is Nasty (PowerPoint)
  • 70s Funky Fashion and American Values (Catalogue)
  • 70s value as reflected in family portraits (Poster)
  • A Musical Perspective on the 70s (Poster)
  • All in the Family (Poster)
  • America’s Cinematic Eye for the Slanted Eye Guy (PowerPoint)
  • American Muscle! (PowerPoint)
  • Caught in the Draft (Poster)
  • Education in the 70s: Then and Now (Poster)
  • Film in the 70s: The New Hollywood (Poster)
  • Music of the 70s (Poster & Audio)
  • Public Enemy Number One (Poster)
  • Queen Emblem (Poster)
  • Sex, drugs, and narcissism: drug culture of the ME generation (Drawing)
  • The inspiration behind 70s fashion (Poster)
  • The Vietnam War: War of Neglect (Poster)
  • U.S. foreign involvement around the world (Poster)
  • We the women of the United States (Canvas)

THAR 273

  • Cruising Through the Seventies (Performance)