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SYRCE Poster Fall 2015 - click to zoomDecember 15, 2015

10-11 AM: Set up
10:30 AM: Green Music Center Doors Open to Public
1-2 PM: Doors Remain Open to Public
2 PM: Doors close to public





Symposium Program by Discipline

AMCS 273.1

  • African American Women: Civil Rights Movement (Tumblr Blog, Gallery)
  • Athlete's Influence (Video, Gallery)
  • Cesar Chavez (Painting/Drawing, Gallery)
  • Civil Rights Movement Music (Scrapbook/Collage, Gallery)
  • Faces of Religion: Civil Rights Movement (Painting, Gallery)
  • Freedom Behind Words (Poem, Weill Stage)
  • Freedom Rides(Poster, Gallery)
  • Freedom’s Voice (Poster, Gallery)
  • Harvard Law Record (Newspaper, Gallery)
  • Music Industry in the 1960s (Scrapbook/Power Point, Gallery)
  • Native American Movement (Poem, Weill Stage)
  • The Beauty in the Struggle (Poem/Stencil, Weill Stage)
  • The Chicano Movement (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Legal Aspect of The Freedom Riders (Poster, Gallery)
  • They Had A Dream (Poem, Weill Stage)
  • White Resistance (Poster/Cartoon, Gallery)
  • Women of the Civil Rights Movement (Scrapbook, Gallery)

AMCS 273.2

  • Native Visions of the 60’s (Group Poster Sessions, Gallery)

ARTH 273

  • Through the Looking Glass: Art and Culture of the 1960s (Museum Installation, Eastern Gallery)

CALS 273

  • A 21st Century Young Lords (Instagram, Green Room)
  • Chicano Student Activism (Painting/Poster, Gallery)
  • Chicanos Got It (Music video, Green Room)
  • Cub/ana: The Cuban Exile Experience (Painting Series, Staircase)
  • Farmworker Family Home ca. 1960 (Installation,Lobby)
  • The East L.A. Walkouts (Film, Green Room)
  • The Life of Cesar Chavez (Documentary, Green Room)

COMS 273

  • 1960s Battle of Banned Books (Paper, Gallery)
  • 960s Birth Control Ads (Poster, Gallery)
  • 960s Life Over the Course of a Year (Blog, Lobby)
  • 963 and What it Means to Be (Song, Gallery)
  • A 1960s Music Blog (Blog, Lobby)
  • A Look Inside the Soup Can (Blog, Lobby)
  • Civil Rights Rap in the 1960s (Video, Gallery)
  • Commercials of the 1960s (Video, Gallery)
  • Day of the Dead (Poster, Gallery)
  • Films of the1960s (Poster, Gallery)
  • Hidden Truth of the NFL (Video/Poster, Gallery)
  • Hitchcock’s Impact in Film (Blog/Video, Lobby)
  • I Am American. I Am Japanese. (Painting, Gallery)
  • Look of the 60s (Poster, Gallery)
  • Martin Luther King Jr., A Painting (Painting, Gallery)
  • Recreating 1960s Minimalist Art (Collage/Poster, Gallery)
  • Roy Lichenstein, Reinvented (Poster, Gallery)
  • Television's Peace (Blog, Lobby)
  • The American Dream (Collage, Gallery)
  • The Different Sounds of 1960s Rock (Blog, Lobby)
  • The Heisman Who Fought the Media (Blog, Lobby)
  • The Women's Movement of the 1960s and 1970s (Blog, Lobby)
  • Twiggy and Supermodel Culture of the 1960s (Poster, Gallery)
  • Women in the 1960s Music (Blog, Lobby)

ENGL 273

  • An Interview with JKF and Malcolm X (Video, Lobby)
  • After the Butterflies (Short Story, Lobby)
  • American Tragedy (Dance/Video, Weill Stage)
  • Beatles and the Exploration of Drugs (Video, Lobby)
  • Blacks in the Southern States Affected by Civil Rights Legislation (Research Paper, Lobby)
  • Faces of the Vietnam War (Dance and Video, Weill Stage)
  • Literary Themes of the 1960s (Website in Scalar, Lobby)
  • Mirror (Short Story, Lobby)
  • My Week as a Zen Buddhist (Video, Lobby)
  • Reality Versus Childhood Eyes (PowerPoint, Lobby)
  • Sisters' Section: Women of the Black Panther Movement (Infographic, Lobby)
  • Sounds of the 1960s (Mixed Media, Lobby)
  • The 1960s: The Birth of Lazy Activism (Website in Scalar, Lobby)
  • The Diary of a Chicana (Written Diary, Lobby)
  • The Influence of Zen Buddhism on the 1960s (Infographic, Lobby)
  • The Lynching of Mack Charles Parker (Visual Media, Lobby)
  • The River Boat Soldier (Short Story, Weill Stage)
  • The Strike at San Francisco State: Competing Perspectives (Video, Lobby)
  • The Tales of Education (Short Story, Lobby)

MLL 273

  • Children of Trujillo’s Regime (Children’s Book and Poster, Gallery)
  • In the Time of the Butterflies: The Board game (Poster, Gallery)
  • Inside Maria Teresa—Delia Gonzalez (Small Mural, Gallery)
  • Malnutrition in Spain: The Spanish Civil War and Francoism (Paper, Green Room)
  • Revisiting Picasso’s Guernica (Small Painting, Gallery)
  • Rewriting the Stories of Eva Luna (Paper, Green Room)
  • Sinita Perozo: Revenge Against the Oppressor (Paper,Green Room)
  • Stories that Dance to Life: Eva Luna (Clay Sculpture, Gallery)
  • The Butterflies Take Flight (Dance, Gallery)
  • The Summer of Love that Spanned a Decade (Book of Quotes, Gallery)
  • Trujilo: Enemy at All Angles (News Broadsides, Gallery)
  • Women in 1960s Spain (Mural, Lobby)
  • Women’s Efforts Against Dictatorships (PowerPoint, Gallery)

MUS 273

  • 60’s Beatz (Video/Audio, Lobby)
  • A Change Will Come (Poem, Lobby)
  • An Afternoon with Young Brothers (Band, Weill Stage)
  • Born to Be Wild (Poster, Gallery)
  • Freedom by Music (Poster, Gallery)
  • How to Make a Punk Song (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  • Janis Never Died (Digital Humanities, Green Room)
  • Not Just Another College Project (Video, Green Room)
  • Recreation of Woodstock (Sculpture, Lobby)
  • Shadows of 2525 (Video, Green Room)
  • The Lumpenproletariat (Poster, Gallery)
  • The Many Faces of Janis Joplin (Digital Humanities, Green Room/Lobby)
  • The Musical Artists of an Era (Albums/Mixed Media, Gallery)
  • The Purple Dissection (Canvas/Mixed Media, Gallery)
  • The Sound of Motown’s Most Fabulous Group (Dance, Weill Stage)
  • The Spirit of the Decade (Poster Art, Gallery)
  • Who is Shep Gordon? (Sculpture, Lobby)

PHIL 273

  • 147 (Documentary, Weill Stage)

THAR 273

  • People ‘n’ Things (Group Performance, Weill Stage)