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SYRCE Poster Fall 2014 - click to zoomDecember 9, 2014

8-10 AM: Set up
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Symposium Presentations by Disciplines

AMCS 273.1

  • Meeting Human Needs: The Challenges of Western Civilization 1848. (Poster Sessions, Weill Gallery)
  • Slavery is Eliminated But Lingering Racism Endures.
  • Revolutions and the Ongoing Struggle for Women’s Rights.
  • Native American Responses to European Colonialism.
  • American Indian Counterparts to Marx and Engels’ Utopian Vision.
  • A Spiritual Vacuum and the Emotional Transcendence of Liszt and Chopin.
  • Mass Communication and Real Stories Never Told.

ART 273

  • Thoreau's Cabin Recreated. (Installation, Weill Courtyard)
  • Exploration in the Ceramic Process. (Exhibition, Weill Lobby)
  • Slavery Past and Present. (Installation, Weill Lobby)
  • Slavery Today. (Photo Exhibition, Weill Lobby)

CALS 273

  • Hypercriminalization: Zero Strikes, You’re Out. (Poster Session with PowerPoint, Weill Gallery)
  • The Conquered People: Historical Tactics used to Colonize the Nahuas and Mexican Americans. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • Transformation of a Lifestyle: Does Interracial Marriage Appropriate Two Different Cultures? (Poster Session with Prezi, Weill Gallery)

COMS 273

  • The Roots of Mediated Storytelling: From Telegrams to Tweets (1848; 1948; 2048 and beyond). (Blog, Weill Gallery)

ENGL 273

  • Oliver Twist. (Networked Text Installation, Weill Lobby)
  • Mary Barton. (Networked Text Installation, Weill Lobby)

MLL 273

  • Who is Sab? (Film, Weill Hall)
  • The Woman. (Dance, Weill Hall)
  • Within the Mill. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • CUBA, the Magazine. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • Nubia: A Slave Journal. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • La educación en la plantación: my fight to learn while enslaved. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • Teresa vs. Teresa: a 200-year difference. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • History of Rap: Cuba Style. (Digital Performance, Weill Hall)
  • Garden of Feelings. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)

MUS 273

  • What Made Chopin and Liszt Who They Were. (Video, Green Room)
  • Popular Music in 1848 America and How the Music of Immigrants Shed Light on Their Personal Stories. (Power Point Presentation, Green Room)
  • Chopin: The Man and His Music. (Powerpoint presentation, Green Room)
  • The Beauty of Romanticism. (Podcast, Weill Gallery)
  • Russian Gypsies of the 19th century. (Poster Session with Power Point, Weill Gallery)
  • Musical Historical Timeline: 1800-1880. (Audio Visual Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • Comparing and Contrasting Musical Expression from 1848 to Today. (Poster Session with Blog, Weill Gallery)
  • The Inspiration of Gypsy Culture on Classical Music in the mid-19th century. (Poster Session with Power Point, Weill Gallery)
  • Petersons Magazine and Salon Culture in 1848. (Shared Poster Session, Weill Gallery)

PHIL 273

  • An Exploration of Class Struggle: 1848-2014. (Video, Green Room).
  • “It’s a Hard Knock Life for Us” … American Factory Workers. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • Women and Communism: Liberated or Oppressed? (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • Aliens on Earth (Painting on canvas, Weill Lobby). 
  • Bloody Gold: Class Struggle and the Gold Rush. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • Workplace Alienation: Then and Now. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • The Ideology of Technology. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • The Communist Manifesto: The Times.  (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • The Communist Manifesto: The New Wave. (Painting on canvas, Weill Lobby). 
  • S.L.A.V.E.S. (Social Life Alienation Vegetating Everyone’s Souls). (Song Performance, Weill Hall).
  • The Rise and Fall of Communism. (Video, Green Room).
  • CUCK FOMMUNISM. (Video, Green Room). 
  • Exploitation in the Workplace: Then and Now. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery).
  • Where We Stand on Communism. (Powerpoint presentatio, Green Room). 

THAR 273

  • Of Flowers and Herbs: Carmen, Marguerite and Fadette Meet in the Woods. (Film, Weill Hall)
  • 1848 Costumes As Represented in Selected French Literary Texts. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • The Moment I Met Her. (Performance, Weill Hall)
  • Marguerite of the Camellias. (Film, Weill Hall)
  • France 1848: Social Classes & Expectations Revealed. (Poster Session, Weill Gallery)
  • Transitions (Sculpture, Weill Lobby)

Examples of Students Projects Shared at the Symposium: