Interesting and Innovative Places in A&H

Film at Sonoma

photo film equipment

Located in Carson 005, this is the school's filmmaking space equipped with all the tools necessary to create your own movies and videos.


Second Year Research and Creative Experience —SYRCE — is a constellation of courses designed for second-year students to fulfill the requirements of general education in area C2, "Literature, Philosophy & Values."  This one-semester course offers students a multi-disciplinary approach to a common topic based upon the idea of the time machine, set to a different decade in the past for each academic year. The experience culminates at the end of the semester in a symposium held in the Green Music Center, where students showcase their accomplishments.

Art Gallery

Gallery overhead

The Art Gallery presents exhibitions and public programs on modern and contemporary artists of regional, national and international significance. Visitors to the gallery can view stimulating and challenging works of art from significant private and public collections as well as new art.

The Art Gallery also presents exhibitions featuring the works of faculty and students.

Center for Ethics, Law and Society

SSU's Center for Ethics, Law, and Society facilitates cutting-edge thinking about ethics, justice and law. Among its initiatives, CELS brings to campus leading scholars, practitioners, activists and others who are working to tackle challenging and pressing questions facing society today. In addition to supporting the pre-law and applied ethics concentration within the Philosophy major, the center also acts as a platform for student learning and faculty research across the SSU community. 

Green Music Center

Green Music Center

The Green Music Center is as much about learning as it is about performance. Since Fall 2008, the Music Education Building has been occupied by music department faculty and students, and features practice rooms for musicians of all levels. Adjacent to the Music Education Building is the centerpiece of the Green Music Center, the 1,400-seat Joan and Sanford I. Weill Hall. The modular rear wall of Weill Hall opens fully, extending the concert experience to an outdoor audience of up to 3,000. Nearby is Schroeder's Recital Hall, inspired by the soaring spaces of European churches and featuring seating for 250.

KSUN Radio

KSUN is Sonoma State’s student-run online radio station, which is part of the Department of Communications. Students enroll in COMS 385 Media Lab: KSUN for 4 units. Each student is assigned to do a two-hour radio show each week. They can do it solo or partner up for a team show. Students are also required to join a department each semester, and obtain at least one advertiser for their show.

Sonoma State Star

Star Lab Photo

The Sonoma State Star is SSU's award winning student newspaper. Published weekly in print and online covering news of the day, student life, sports, arts, entertainment as well as editorial and opinion pieces to keep you informed of current events on campus, in the community and beyond.

Center for Performing Arts

Person Theater

The Center for Performing Arts offers valuable and rewarding opportunities for serious, motivated students to develop their artistry in a stimulating and congenial environment at a campus located in a beautiful and culturally rich area. The faculty aim to develop artists and educators who are vitally engaged with each other and the world through the performing arts. The center includes the Department of Music and the Departmentof Theatre Arts and Dance.