Arts Integration Program

SSU as Canvas, Stage and Studio

“SSU’s Arts Integration Program continues to be wonderfully successful in integrating artistic and creative endeavors into the fabric of the whole university, delivering innovative, high quality experiences for the intellectual growth of our students.” 

Hollis Robbins, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

“At Sonoma State University we are proud to support the integration of the arts into the curriculum and our campus programming. We embrace a university-wide approach to arts integration that allows students, faculty, and staff to bring their creativity to bear on teaching and learning across the disciplines.”

Lisa Vollendorf, Provost

"A potent liberal arts campus with a wide range of live arts resources for teaching and learning, SSU fosters arts literacy and frames the arts as an integral part of the college experience, regardless of major."

Carin Jacobs, Director of Arts Integration


Art Gallery Confetti

Student Musicians