Arts Integration


What is Arts Integration?

Mission Statement:  A potent liberal arts campus with a wide range of live arts resources for teaching and learning, SSU fosters arts literacy and frames the arts as an integral part of the college experience, regardless of major.

Faculty Flyer (Add link to flyer or list highlighted events)

Link to sample syllabi/assignments (word docs?)

How does it work?

Guided Gallery Tours

Free Student Tickets-Link to portal

Artists in the classroom 

Instructional support available (link to Carin's email)

Why does it matter?

Impact by the numbers (how many students served, how many classes participated, how many majors represented)

Student/Faculty testimonials

Research from the field (articles on Arts in Higher Ed--Several articles Carin provides) (thumbnails for articles?)

How Arts Integration supports curriculum and research at SSU (links to strategic plan and GE requirements)